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Multiple Teams · West Forsyth All-Time Football Record Holders

West Forsyth would like to recognize our all-time record holders for football as a part of our 10th anniversary celebration

Passing Yards (Career)

Passing Yards (Season)  

Passing Yards (Game)

AJ Erdely-5018

  Kiernen Hamilton-2563  

AJ Erdely-408


Passing TDs (Career)

Passing TDs (Season)  

Passing TDs (Game)

AJ Erdely-44   Kiernen Hamilton-29   Kiernen Hamilton-5  

Rushing Yards (Career)

Rushing Yards (Season)  

Rushing Yards (Game)

Blake Roberts-2840   Ben Emert-1488   Ben Emert-350  

Receiving Yards (Career)

Receiving Yards (Season)

Receiving Yards (Game)

Jake Wieczorek-1493 Jake Wieczorek-893   Jake Wieczorek-276  

Receptions (Career)


Receptions (Season)


Receptions (Game)

Jake Wieczorek-80   Zach Burns-47     Grant Anderskow-10

Touchdowns (Career)

Touchdowns (Season)  
Ben Emert-49   Ben Emert-28          

Interception (Career)

Interception (Season)  

Longest Field Goal

Trevor Guthrie-10  

Nick Walker-5

    Timmy Hartshorn-46 yards
      Jordan Harris-5        

Hunter Belue-5


Sacks (Career)

  Sacks (Season)  

Best Team Offense


Alex Coburn-23

  Eli Huggins-11    

2012-40 points/game

Chris Rubessa-23              

Tackles (Career)

  Tackles (Season)  

Best Team Defense


Mohomad Camara-204

Nathan Teter-137  

2011-15 points/game